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WSDC events:

-Tuesday weekly meditations continue, check the calendar for updated information on Winston Salem Dharma Community's events.

Past events

Vann McCoy - "Path to Practice" 3/7/23

Bo Fried - "A Framework for Meditation Practice." 1/24/23 Presentation documents.

Wendy Farrow, Jim Garrido, Bo Fried - Psychedelics and Meditation. 12/6/22
Wendy Farrow's presentation notes including links and references. Jim Garrido's presentation notes and references. Bo Fried's reference articles and presentation notes.

Jay Ford - Acceptance of Women Into the Monastic Order. 10/11/22

Ann McCarty - Spiritual community. 12/14/21

Ann McCarty - Climate crisis as a spirtual path. 11/9/21

Ann McCarty - Equanimity: American Buddhism & Buddha's Teachings. 8/31/21

David Chernikoff - The power of commitment. 8/17/21

Jay Ford - Schools of Buddhism (Vajrayana). 6/8/21 Presentation outline.

Jay Ford - Schools of Buddhism (Mahayana). 6/1/21 Presentation outline, Presentation video.

Jay Ford - Schools of Buddhism (Theravada). 5/25/21 Presentation outline, Presentation video.

Jim Garrido - Buddhist Compassion. 4/6/21 Presentation document.

Jay Ford - Challenging Buddhist Teachings Made Plain (anatta/No-self). 1/19/21 Presentation document.

Jim Garrido - Contemporary Buddhist Themed Poetry. 12/22/20 Powerpoint Presentation.

Jay Ford - three talk series on the historical dialogue between Buddhists and Christians. 12/8/20 Presentation document.

Wendy Farrow - Pema Chodron's teachings on fearlessness in difficult times. 9/15/20 Full presentation and resources.

Marc Farrow - An Introduction to the Activism and Work of Joanna Macy, Scholar of Buddhism and Ecology. 9/8/20 Presentation resources.

Mary Beth Blackwell Chapman - Poetry presentation and discussion. 9/1/20 Poems for sangha. Gardening Poems.

Jim Garrido - Dependent origination, emptiness of essence (Sunyata) and no-self (Anatta). 8/18/20 Full presentation document.

Jim Garrido - The Path to Love and Freedom. 2/25/20 Full presentation document.

Jim Garrido - Mahamudra guided meditation. 9/24/19 Full presentation document.

Jay Ford - The life of the Buddha - Part II. 7/23/19

Jim Garrido - Equanimity and Ethics. 5/28/19 Full presentation document.

Jay Ford - The life of the Buddha - Part I. 5/21/19

Ann McCarty - The Five Remembrances. 2/12/19

Jay Ford - The Heart Sutra. 1/29/19

Interfaith Winston-Salem presented the Festival of Faith and Culture. 11/4/2018

Wake Forest University hosted monks from the Gaden Shartse Monastery on their Sacred Arts of Tibet tour 10/15-19/2018

Regional Dharma Events:

-Deep River Sangha - weekly meetings on Sunday and Wednesday, practicing in the Plum Village tradition of the Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh at the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Greensboro.

-Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville - Schedule of 2022 events.

-Southern Dharma Retreat Center offering an ongoing schedule of residential and day-long retreats.

-Barre Center for Buddhist Studies offering an ongoing schedule of online and residential learning programs.

-Triangle Insight Meditation Community newsletter and ongoing schedule of upcoming events.