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Winston-Salem Dharma Community

Buddha statue

January 31 - Tricycle magazine offers a "Daily Dharma" app that features short, inspirational quotes and articles from leading Buddhist teachers and writers each day. This week, Karen Garrido will share a collection of her favorites for reflection along with a guided meditation with Sharon Salzburg.

Upcoming schedule:
February 7: Marc Farrow--Mindfulness and Creativity
February 14: Joan Wilkins--6 Sense Sphere Meditation Practice
February 21: Wendy Farrow--QiGong
February 28: Jim Garrido--Reflections on the Bahiya Sutta (Bahiya of the Bark Cloth)

Special Announcements

-We have returned to in-person meetings (as of April 12) at The Shepherd's Center - 1700 Ebert Street, Winston-Salem, NC. Online via Zoom is still available, link is provided in the weekly newsletter